Primate Expertise in environmental sensitization in Mulangala village

Primate Expertise in environmental  sensitization  in Mulangala village
21 Jul 2021

Primate Expertise in collaboration with Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation has organized an environmental sensitization activity in Mulangala village, particularly in Bugorhe district.

More than 54 people coming from different families living around Kahuzi Biega National Park have partaken in those exchanges that turned around the park protection and prevention of firing bush.

During that occasion, we have exhorted that riparian population from the park to take precaution for overcoming firing bush, a practice that destroys the forest, and as the dry season is almost approaching. Primate Expertise has recommended a training related to firing bush in areas bordering Kahuzi Biega National Park for avoiding that those park habitats not being affected by that fire that is sometimes criminal.

For more information about Primate Expertise reforestation activities at PNKB, click at this link:

At the end of those exchanges, we have projected a movie about conservation at Kahuzi Biega National Park by Primate Expertise.

Participants have involved themselves in contributing to KBNP protection, our touristic property.

To learn more about what  Primate Expertise does in KBNP please vist this link and get enjoy the video:

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