Livelihood program

The community conservation and livelihood program aims at improving the socio-economic conditions of communities surrounding KBNP.

Primate Expertise conducts its activities in the high altitude part of Kahuzi Biega National Park. In this area, two major communities, Batwa people  (PA) and Bantu ones, share boundaries with Kahuzi Biega National Park. These two communities are spread over 12 villages including Mabingu, Muyange, combo, buyungule, cibuga, cisheke, cibingu, kalulu, kajeje, kabulungu, chahoboka and maziba. In these villages, only Chahoboka, muyange, cibuga and buyungule are occupied by indigenous pygmy people. These communities are exerting anthropogenic pressure on the park and this is impacting the conservation of Grauer’s gorillas and their habitat. Through this program, Primate Expertise protects the biodiversity and socio-economic development of local populations living around KBNP.

PEx provides socio-economic support to households to fight against alimentary insecurity

We provide socio-economic support to households in small-scale pig, guinea pig and fish farming with the objective of struggling against food insecurity in these villages bordering KBNP and reducing pressure on the park.

No pigs without guinea pigs

In distributing pigs to different households, we set ourselves a motto according to which “no pigs without guinea pigs”. However, a household that receives one pig should also receive five guinea pigs. This support allows these communities to develop a small livestock and ensure the improvement of their lifestyle. Through this gesture to local communities, PEx hopes that the pressure on the park will be reduced, but a particularity has been observed in the village of Kabulungu where people have chosen fish farming. So we have provided to them three ponds of 400 to each one. We regulary intervene also by affording veterinary care to those pigs and guinea pigs. In addition to supporting small-scale livestock farming, Primate Expertise also supports communities in seeds for each growing season.

These actions, which we carry out in collaboration with the communities, aim at the sustainable conservation of non-human primates in harmony with the development initiatives of the Pygmy and Bantu communities living around the KBNP.

With this program, we intensify awareness in the riparian communities by supporting reforestation, Research and Conservation programs through debates, workshops and conferences on the conservation of natural resources of KBNP.

In communities we present braodcastings, video projections with debates and conferences where we get comments, recommendations from the community to be used for advocacy.

We implement as well school clubs of children friends of nature to integrate elementary school in the culture of small-scale farming and love for nature.

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