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Primate Expertise (PEx) is a non-profit organization Dedicated to Primate Research and Conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the first inland African country with the most non-human primate species, counting more than sixty-five different known taxa. It is the forth richest country worldwide in non-human primate species diversity behind Brazil, Madagascar and Indonesia. Two ape species are endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo, including the bonobo (Pan paniscus) and eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri), both widely known as iconic species. Despite its well acknowledged richness in primate species, the Democratic Republic of Congo has a very limited number of professional Congolese primatologists. Likewise, there exists no country-based professional institution solely dedicated to primate research and conservation.

New universities are being created in the region, but very few teach wildlife-oriented courses and consequently very few young students are interested in wildlife sciences, including primatology. Due to this lack of interest, there is great concern for the long-term survival of the rich and diverse non-human primate fauna of DR Congo.

It is to contribute to the promotion of opportunities in primate research and conservation initiatives that we created the Primate Expertise (PEx), which aims at being a professional institution dedicated to primate research and conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since earlier 1990s, we have been researching on great ape (eastern gorilla and chimpanzee) behavioral ecology, teaching wildlife oriented topics (including primatology) and working with local communities in conservation awareness programs within the Albertine Rift region, a well-known hotspot zone in terms of biodiversity richness. We provide extensive primate field research knowledge to strengthen non-human primate research and conservation while creating expanded linkages with regional research institutes and universities. In collaboration with local universities, Primate Expertise inspires young generation of Congolese primatologists to take the leadership in the fields of research and conservation to ensure long-term survival of non-human primate species living in harmony with local communities.


Sustainable conservation of non-human primates is a priority concern in the Democratic Republic of Congo and compatible with community development initiatives.


Establish a professional team of Primatologists studying non-human primates and suggesting holistic strategies to ensure their sustainable conservation while improving community livelihood among ones living in proximity to their natural habitats.


The overall objective of Primate Expertise is to promote conservation of non-human primates through education, research and outreach programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Primate Expertise inspires young generation of Congolese primatologists to take the leadership in research and conservation of non-human primates in collaboration with the local communities

Action ray

PEx conducts research and conservation activities in DR Congo and may extend its activities within the Albertine Rift zone and other areas of the Congo Basin according to the needs and fund availability.


-Set up a Regional School of Primatology with an Interpretation Center on local culture and knowledge related to non-human primates

-Convene international symposiums and training workshops on RDC primates

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