Based in Republic Domocratic of Congo, Primate Expertise is dedicated to research, education and conservation on non human primate with initiatives of local communities. Primate Expertise aims to inspire young generation to take the lead in primatology. 

Primate expertise

What we do

We are doing research, Conservation and Education on non human primates with communuties living arround the KBNP.
New local universities are being created in the region, but very few teach wildlife-oriented courses and consequently very few young students are interested in wildlife sciences, including primatology. Due to this lack of interest, there is a great concern for the long-term survival of the rich and diverse non-human primate fauna of DR Congo. Primate Expertise inspires young generation of Congolese primatologists to take the leadership in research and conservation of non-human primates in collaboration with the local communities. Our work as tree main pillars:

Our Mission

Establish a professional team of Primatologists studying non-human primates and suggesting holistic strategies to ensure their sustainable conservation while improving community livelihood among those living in proximity to their natural habitats.

Our Vision

Sustainable conservation of non-human primates is a priority concern in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is compatible with community development initiatives.

Our objectives

The overall objective of Primate Expertise is to promote conservation sustainability of non-human primates through education, research and outreach programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our Programs

Three programs allow us to consolidate the conservation of Grauer’s gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Science and conservation

This program aims to build the capacity of KBNP staff in the protection of Grauer’s gorilla and other biodiversities. Activities of this program focus on three main areas: biological monitoring, anti-poaching, and support in training and equipping staff to implement activities in the KBNP.


Through this program, PEx contribute to reforestation of degraded forest areas in and around the Grauer’s Gorilla habitat at KBNP. To achieve this, we are pratising our innovative approach called Ape tree. This approach consists of producing plants from seeds collected in the ape dung collected in KBNP.


This program deals with improvement of the socio-economic conditions of communities living arround the KBNP. Awareness campaigns on the benefits of non-human primate conservation are carried out to the local populations to whom PEx grants assistance in the development of alternative income generating activities to reduce the anthropic pressure on resources of


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Do not hesitate to watch our videos on our work in Kahuzi Biega National Parl where we help Park autohorities to conserve Grauer gorilla.

Our team

We are working with a strong team which allows us to contribute conservation of Grauer gorilla at Kahuzi Biega National Park with the initiatives of local communities.

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